Amadeus World Cup 2018: Who will win the gold?

All finalists of the Amadeus World Cup 2018 have been announced. Today are first the small finals, where the teams need qualify them to entry the grand final, which is held in the American mode. That means, that the remaining teams compete against each other in direct duel.

Finalisten LargeMediumSmall


15:45 – We will write a detailed articles about the final day from Amadeus World Cup 2018 in the evening. And then we will present during the next weeks a little surprise. So stay tuned.

15:00 – Results Amadeus World Cup 2018

Small: 1. Thomas Berger with Noobsi – 2. Lucie Krauskopfkova with Kessy – 3. Giulia Zurma with Lolitta

Medium: 1. Hansi Weberling with Momo – 2. Mareike Hirschfeld with Feifel – 3. Arpad Pirity with Demo

Large: 1. Anne Lenz with Itzi Bitzi – 2. Lukas Risi with Rumble – 3. Isabella Stefl with Escalade

12:20 – Results of the small final and the qualified teams for the american final.

12:00 РThe small final is over. Traditionally, the participants of the grand final will be mentioned later. Thereafter, the direct encounters are drawn.

08:30 – We wish you for the last time in the 2018 Amadeus World Cup edition a good morning from Salzburg


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