Amadeus Cup 2018: Last day for collecting points

The second day of the Amadeus Cup 2018 in the Messehalle Salzburg has just started. Zsofi Biro has come up with a special Jumping course for the large teams. Afterwards Roman Lukac takes over the judges whistle. In the afternoon, it continues alternately with the small and medium teams. And there are still some teams who need to show some good results after yesterday.


19:00 – Results Agility Open Small

18:00 – Results Agility Open Medium

17:00 – Qualified for the small final in Large are follow teams:

16:30 – Results of the last Large Agility Qualifier

14:20 – Even that is Amadeus. The special mix between horses and dogs makes the whole tournament that special.

12:15 – Now  the teams are preparing for the Large Open run. The last chance to get points for them.

12:00 – Miha Primozi wins the Large Jumping this morning.

09:00 – After yesterday’s sunshine, there are significantly more clouds in the sky today. It is also much cooler than yesterday. But the teams in the hall should not care

08:30 – Hello and good morning again. At the moment, the teams are on the coursewalk for the Jumping.

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