Agility German Classics 2018: Competition among Germany’s elite

Anne Lenz with Itzi Bitzi, Daniel Schröder with Cashew and Franziska Arndt with Yell are the winners in the three size categories of this year’s German Classics. The tournament, which takes place in the Hundesportzentrum Hemsbach in Germany, is only open for dogs who are licensed in Germany. The final, consisting of a jumping and an agility run, was judged by Alex Beitl and Nick Koch. The German Classics are considered as the counterpart to the German National championship, which also takes place in a few days on 1 December.

Once again, Anne Lenz and Itzi Bitzi conjured two clean and very fast runs on the artificial turf. The two cracked almost the 6 m/s mark. Only Nadine Alshut with Cinna reached almost the same time in the first round in the jumping run. However, she retired prematurely in the subsequent agility run. Second place went to European Open winner Max Sprinz with Bäxx, followed by Christiane Fischbach and Jive. She loses in both runs already almost 3 seconds to the running time of Anne Lenz. The young German was in great shape during the whole weekend and also had two clean runs with Chi, the second Border Collie. With the World Champion Dog of 2016, however, it was not enough to finish on the podium. In the end, she placed in fourth place. Daniel Schröder with Gin and Mona Grefenstein with Qju made each a little mistake and got 5 fault points overall. Also for last year’s double winner Philipp Müller-Schnick, it was not quite as desired in the second round. He and Boost negotiated a disqualification.

German Classics 2018 Large (Full results)
gold  Anne Lenz with Itzi Bitzi
gold  Max Sprinz with Bäxx
gold  Christiane Fischbach with Jive

More successful with the mission defending last years title was Daniel Schröder and Cashew in the medium tournament. With almost three seconds ahead of his wife Bozena Schröder with Puck. Almost another three seconds behind in third place are Franziska Arndt and Tic Tac. After the first run, it looked again after a duel between Silas Boogk and Daniel Schröder. For once Daniel Schröder had a better starting position with the victory in the jumping run. But it doesn’t matter after Silas Boogk prematurely retirement in agility. Nicole Kelpen with Poke missed the podium with the fourth place. Between position 4 and 5, is a big gap with more than six seconds.

German Classics 2018 Medium (Full results)
gold  Daniel Schröder with Cashew
gold  Bozena Schröder with Puck
gold  Franziska Arndt with Tic Tac

The small tournament offered slightly less suspense. In the beginning, everything looked after a repeat of the title from last year for Tobias Wüst and Dörte. A significant victory in jumping with almost two seconds ahead of Franziska Arndt and Yell. But then there was one of the rare mistakes of Tobias Wüst in the Agility run. Whereupon he got involved in a disqualification. The same fate befell Bozena Schröder and Cap. She was also in a good starting position with third place after the jumping. Thus, Franziska Arndt secured the title with Yell. She is on the podium for the second time this weekend after finishing third in the medium tournament with Tic Tac. The second place goes to Annette Erb with Kim and the third place to Leonie Volz with Kerry.

German Classics 2018 Small (Full results)
gold  Franziska Arndt with Yell
gold Annette Erb with Kim
gold  Leonie Volz with Kerry

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