Our goal is to do an independent and up-to-date coverage, dedicated to our most loved activity and sport agility. In addition to the latest news and the most important headlines from all over the world, we would like to provide our readers with background information, voices and articles. Of course, to provide you all this content, we need your help. Through the willingness to provide information or sending valuable hints. We are also pleased about your activity, be it by commenting on news and articles or just the general exchange with each other in our forum.

Our focus is primarily on Europe. At the same time we want to build a bridge abroad. Despite careful research, we can not give a 100% guarantee on the accuracy of the information provided here. As mentioned above, in many areas we are using external sources.


about1All important news in the world of agility sports we prepare for you legibly directly on the start page. In addition to the news you will also find all the articles, interviews and information about current tournaments in the same place. At the top left of the picture, the category of news is visible.


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about5We attach great importance to operate a so-called result maintenance. This means that we have presented every major event at a national and international level in a clear manner. With this, all podium finishes of the last years can be traced back (until 2014). At upcoming events the date, the place and the homepage of the organizer are deposited.


about6Our result maintenance is rounded off with our database. Here you will find all teams (will be extended from time to time) clearly listed in the three size categories Large, Medium and Small. One level below, you will be shown all previous successes and participations in big tournaments. In addition, some data of the dogs, are displayed.


about7You are looking for a clear calendar? Then you are exactly right with us. We have clearly listed all major events in a calendar. Click on the desired event to see more details about the tournament, including a Google Maps map with the exact location. The calendar can be set in a monthly view, a list view and a day view.


about8We also have another calendar with upcoming courses. Here we depend on your help. You can use a form to register your own course for free. The entry will then be checked by our team as soon as possible and published.



We want to bring you the events not only in written form, but also with moving pictures. As you know, pictures say much more than words. Livestreams, as we have already offered at the Swiss Agility Cup Finals in Switzerland, are planned again in the near future. Of course we keep you up to date.