A mistake in the rule interpretation leads to changes in the national team of Swiss

The new regulations for the World Championship qualification in Switzerland have already given rise to minor discussions. Now, a curious mistake in the rule interpretation for subsequent changes in the Swiss Medium national team. Herbert Löffel, who has qualified as a replacement team, is subsequently removed from the team. Michel Frey, who was scheduled as a team runner moves on to the replacement bench and will most probably not come to run in Finland. Aurore Brelot and Mudi Okinawa had benefited from the mistake. The two join the team as team runners. This decision was made by the TKAMO, the Swiss Agility association.

The management of the national team around Urs Inglin and Anita Leonardi immediately admitted the mistake and communicated it transparently. They also apologized in an open letter on Facebook to all three starters. On the one hand Herbert Löffel due to the deletion from the team, Michel Frey for the subsequent transfer to the replacement bank and also Aurore Brelot, who was just brought in their first World Cup for the team presentation.

Statement Urs Inglin (Swiss Agility Team)

Before rumors go around I am for transparency.

The TKAMO has decided that I (Urs) misinterpreted the rules at the qualification of the Medium teams. This means that unfortunately Herbert is no longerpart of the team, while Michel is new replacement and Aurore new as a team runner in the team. We welcome her to the team.

I am very sorry that I have disappointed Herbert and Michel, and have brought Aurore for the presentation. I would like to apologize to all three people.

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