• AWC 2019

    AWC 2019: Organizers donate local animal shelter

    4. December 2019 0
    Almost three months after this year’s World Championships in Turku, Finland the tournament still provides positive news. More specifically, a subsequent fundraiser to the local Animal Shelter in Turku. Many teams have renounced the sponsored feed price of main sponsor [...]
  • Border Collie Classics 2021

    Portuguese City Abrantes becomes 2021 Agility capital

    4. December 2019 0
    The Portuguese club Cinofilo do Alentejo has announced that they will held three of the major events European Open, Junior Open Agility World Championships and the Border Collie Classics in 2021. They set up a homepage specifically for the year [...]
  • Scene

    Overview of the national jump heights across the world

    4. December 2019 0
    In 2017, as Sweden, commonly considered as a very innovative and progressive Agility country, announced the launch of two new size classes. At the same time, they announced to refrain from judging up contact zones. This change has not or [...]
  • No Picture

    Ukraine jumps on the train with five size classes in Agility

    2. December 2019 0
    Ukraine is the next country which introduce two new size classes in Agility. Thus, the Eastern European country has five new, instead of the previous three size classes. Ukraine is just one of many countries that have recently taken this [...]
  • Germany

    Hundesporthalle Westerwald in Höhr-Grenzhausen ceremoniously opened

    25. November 2019 0
    Germany has grown by another new dog sports hall. Last weekend, the Hundesporthalle Westerwald in Höhr-Grenzhausen was officially inaugurated and opened after a 7-month construction period. Next weekend, the first official tournament follows. The hall, which lies in the idyllic [...]

Upcoming Events

  1. Amadeus Agility World Cup 2019
    6. December 2019 - 8. December 2019

  2. Gold Rush Competition 2019
    14. December 2019 - 15. December 2019

  3. B.A.C.K. 2020
    3. January 2020 - 5. January 2020

  4. Magna Racino Agility Open 2020
    24. January 2020 - 26. January 2020

  5. Silesian Open 2020
    7. February 2020 - 9. February 2020