• Nordic Championship 2019

    Nordic Championship 2019 will be held in Århus

    12. December 2018 0
    The Nordic Championship 2019 will take place from 10 to 11 August in Århus, Denmark. Denmark’s second largest city is located on the eastern coast of the Jutland peninsula. According to the first published information on [...]
  • Amadeus Cup 2018

    Amadeus World Cup 2018: Who will win the gold?

    9. December 2018 0
    All finalists of the Amadeus World Cup 2018 have been announced. Today are first the small finals, where the teams need qualify them to entry the grand final, which is held in the American mode. [...]
  • Amadeus Cup 2018

    Amadeus Cup 2018: Last day for collecting points

    8. December 2018 0
    The second day of the Amadeus Cup 2018 in the Messehalle Salzburg has just started. Zsofi Biro has come up with a special Jumping course for the large teams. Afterwards Roman Lukac takes over the [...]
  • Amadeus Cup 2018

    Amadeus World Cup 2018: Let the games begin

    7. December 2018 0
    The year is coming soon to an end. With the Amadeus World Cup during the Horse Amadeus Indoors in Salzburg, there will be once again a highlight at the end of the year. agilitynow.eu reports [...]
  • Norwegian Open 2019

    Trainers for Norwegian Open Workshop 2019 announced

    5. December 2018 0
    The organizers of the Norwegian Open have also announced again a workshop before the actual tournament for the 2019 edition. During two days, interested teams have the opportunity to collect tips from experienced athletes. This [...]
  • Germany Nationals 2018

    National Championship Germany 2018: HSZ dominates

    2. December 2018 0
    There are only two weeks between the German Classics and the German national championships. After the not retrieving performance from some highly traded teams at the German Classics, a lot peoples were curious how it [...]
  • Amadeus Cup 2018

    Amadeus World Cup 2018: Timeshedule Friday

    28. November 2018 0
    The ninth edition of the Amadeus Cup will begin already in nine days in the pre-Christmassy atmosphere of Salzburg. Now the organizers have also published the schedule for the opening day on Friday. The first [...]
  • Finland

    Sonia Delatte named Finnish athlete of the year 2018

    26. November 2018 0
    At the big autumn meeting of the Finnish Agility Association are traditionally awarded various athletes, judges and clubs of the past year. The whole thing takes place under the name “Best of the year”. Probably [...]
  • FMBB 2019

    FMBB 2019 in the football stadium from Písek

    23. November 2018 0
    Until now, there was not much known about the upcoming World Championship of Belgian Shepherds (FMBB). Only that the World Championship will take place in the Czech Republic. But now the organizers have published more [...]
  • Scene

    Third edition of the «Agility Champs for You» announced

    22. November 2018 0
    The two heads behind the training weekend “Agility Champs for You”, Nancy and Rolli Schiltz have announced a reissue in 2019. For this purpose, the name of the event was provided with the addition Revolutions. [...]
  • German Classics 2018

    Agility German Classics 2018: Competition among Germany’s elite

    21. November 2018 0
    Anne Lenz with Itzi Bitzi, Daniel Schröder with Cashew and Franziska Arndt with Yell are the winners in the three size categories of this year’s German Classics. The tournament, which takes place in the Hundesportzentrum [...]
  • Switzerland

    Swiss national team management resigns

    18. November 2018 0
    The Swiss national team headed by Sascha Grunder (Team Manager) and Marcel Magnin (Coach) have both announced their resignation. This was published by the Swiss association this week. At the same time, they thanked both of [...]
 Amadeus World Cup 2018

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