• Hungarian Open 2019

    Hungarian Open 2019: Registration opens on October 22nd

    18. October 2018 0
    Next Monday, on 22. October by 8 o’clock the registration for the Hungarian Open is possible. The tournament takes place in Székesfehérvár, about 200 kilometers further east of Vienna in the football hall Főnix Gold SE. [...]
  • Norwegian Open 2018

    Norwegian Open 2018: Anne Lenz, Nina Gregl and Eva Lacnakova are the names of the winners

    15. October 2018 0
    The Edition 2018 of the Norwegian Open is already history again. Anne Lenz and Itzi Bitzi, Nina Gregl with boom and Eva Lacnakova with Chiqi are the winners this year. Never ever before were the [...]
  • Norwegian Open 2018

    Norwegian Open 2018: The finalists and the running order

    14. October 2018 0
    The qualification for the coveted golden tickets for a place in the final at the norwegian Open is completed. All finalists are confirmed and known. A promising competition awaits us with many strong international teams. [...]
  • Norwegian Open 2018

    Norwegian Open 2018: Five sixths have already been completed

    12. October 2018 0
    After the first two qualifying runs yesterday, three more runs followed today. This means that five out of six qualifying rounds have already been completed and several teams have already secured the ticket for the [...]
  • Norwegian Open 2018

    Norwegian Open 2018: Stand after the opening day

    12. October 2018 0
    The first day in the Norwegian Kungsvinger at Norwegian Open 2018 is already over. The event, which started in the late afternoon, lasted until late in the evening. There were each two courses for the [...]
  • AWC 2018

    AWC 2018: Sheltie Leela from Columbia still missing

    12. October 2018 0
    Yesterday, a week ago, the female Sheltie Leela from Colombia disappeared in Kristianstad beside the Agility World Championship. For days, targeted searches, including with specially trained dogs (IDdog), several volunteers, the municipality Kristianstad and of [...]
  • AWC 2018

    AWC 2018: Voices and comments

    11. October 2018 0
    Today, one week ago, the Agility World Championship 2018 started in Sweden. A week later, many of the athletes have reviewed their thoughts, emotions and even some sad moments on various platforms. Therefore, we do [...]
  • Norwegian Open 2018

    Norwegian Open 2018: Time for the moose

    11. October 2018 0
    The first day of the Norwegian Open 2018 starts today in Kongsvinger, Norway. The already normally heavily staged tournament benefits this year from the Agility World Championship 2018 in Kristianstad, Sweden. Kongsvinger in Norway is [...]
  • No Picture
    European Open 2021

    EO 2021 in Portugal and EO 2022 in Belgium

    9. October 2018 0
    According to agilitynews.eu, the European Open 2021 take place in Portugal and a year later in Belgium. This was also confirmed at yesterday’s FCI Agility Commission. The event will held in Abrantes, almost in the [...]
  • AWC 2019

    AWC 2019: Toshiyuki Oba will be the second judge

    8. October 2018 0
    The FCI Agility Commission traditionally meets after every Agility World Championship. In the one from today, they named the Japanese Toshiyuki Oba from Japan as the second judge for the upcoming World Championship in Turku, [...]
  • AWC 2018

    AWC 2018: The updated medal table

    7. October 2018 0
    The 2018 World Championship is history. What remains, next to many memories and spectacular runs are the medals in the eternal medal table. Despite many different nations that could win medals this year, there are [...]
  • AWC 2018

    AWC 2018: Old and new champions, luck and dramas

    7. October 2018 0
    Once again, the whole agility world looked to Kristianstad today. There, the individual decisions were on the program. Dramas are there predicted as each year. And so much in advance, there were plenty of it [...]

Upcoming Events

  1. Hungary National Championship 2018
    26. October 2018 - 28. October 2018

  2. International Sheltie Competition 2018
    2. November 2018 - 4. November 2018

  3. Switzerland National Championship 2018
    3. November 2018 - 4. November 2018

  4. German Classics 2018
    17. November 2018 - 18. November 2018

  5. Magna Racino Agility Open 2019
    18. January 2019 - 20. January 2019